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- Why i should take a guide?

Because you can skip lines,you can see more in less time,we can suggest best places to visit

- Are the tours in English?


Of course,we have an experience of many years.

- Do you offer your tours in French,Spanish or other languages?

We can offer tours in french,spanish or other languages upon request,and pending on the availability of a guide who speaks the language requested.

- Can we start our excursions from any spot?

Yes.We can start any excursion from any spot(hotel,port,airport) you tell us.

- Do you have a pick up or a shuttle service from and to the airport?

Yes.on request with extra charge.

- How long does the tour last?

Pompei and Herculaneum at least two hours,other tours like Capri, Positano,Sorrento, Amalfi half day or full day

- Shall i have any free time?

The excursion are designed and organized in such a way to maximize your time and to give free time as well.

- What happens if the weather is bad?

The excursions take place indipendently from wheater conditions.Consider also that the climate here is very changeable:you can start the visit with the rain and you finish with the sun.Anyway no visit can be cancelled at the last moment.

- Is Naples a safe city?

Naples is safe.There isn't much crime compared to many famous citie in US, England or Latin America. However, there are still pickpockets in crowded places. Be particulary careful on public transportation.

Naples Tours - Tel. 371 395 9933