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Visit the ruins of Pompeii taking a trip back to the past experiencing how life was in Roman Times.

You will walk through the interiors of original roman homes, ancient street and café's where locals dined You'll learn more about traditional Roman cuisine, theatres, thermal baths and hear numerous anecdotes about life in Pompeii.

Furthermore, your guide will take you to the famous Lupanari showing explicit frescos on sex scenes. You will also be able to read ancient graffiti dating back to Roman times that are still visible throughout the ruins.

After an in-depth tour of the ruins of Ancient Pompeii, You'll drive up to the summit of Mt. Vesuvius. The aftermath of the previous eruptions has created a lush-green environment on the slopes of Mt. Vesuvius where vineyards cling to the hillsides and the air is scented by citrus groves.

The view from Mt. Vesuvius on a clear day is stunning, with the curve of the coast and the tiny white houses set amongst the orange and lemon blossoms. Those of you in good shape can take a 30 minute walk up hill to the crater of the Volcano which is still active..


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Naples Tours - Tel. 371 395 9933